Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Peplum... does it suit everyone?

Peplums. They are the latest trend in ladies fashion at the moment. I see them everywhere. Peplums in all sorts of shapes and colours. Supposed to give you more lady like curves, but do they flatter everyone?

If you are not familiar with the term "peplum". Basically a peplum is flared strip of fabric that is attached at the waist of a jacket, dress or blouse.

See exhibit A.

Exhibit A - Peplum skirt, dress, top
 Well in my quest to find the right "peplum" for me, I've discovered that no one peplum is the same as another. They come in different colours, shapes, flares, and sizes. I've tried on so many, to the point where I've told myself, enough is enough. Peplums do not suit me. Where they tend to sit on my waist, tummy, hip area just seemed to be all wrong and made me look really odd. However, before I could give up in finding "my peplum", I stumbled across a great one in Witchery that fits me perfectly. And makes me look curvy & shapely! Ha! :)

So what's the key to a great peplum?  Fits tight at the waist and clinches in, then fluffs out a little bit. Peplum tops go great with skinny jeans! I've discovered that the peplums with alot of material (fluffs I call them) don't suit me. Likewise, I need peplums to sit a little bit lower than my waist. Alot of them sit high up on the waist, which makes me look unbalanced. To counter this, try a size bigger, which might make all the difference in where the peplum sits. I found that this worked for me.

The moral of the story is, if you are craving a peplum (like I am), keep looking until you find the perfect one that fits your body. And don't be disheartened because some of the measurements of these peplums really do make you look and feel odd. They should flatter you.

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