Monday, 9 January 2012

Shu-uemura Eyelash Curler

Are you using the wrong eyelash curler?

If you, like me have been for years using an eyelash curler that isn't suited to your eye shape, then you are not maxmising the potential of bringing out the best in your eyes!

Alot of the mass market eye lash curlers from the US brands are more ideal for Western eyes. Recently, I discovered the Shu-uemura Eyelash Curler which is designed more for Asian eyes in mind, and a few pinches of your lashes with this curler, will have your lashes looking bright and happy! and yes the curl power does make your lashes stand nice and curled all day if you use a good mascara that suits your lashes.

Comes with a spare eye lash pad. The Shu-uemura lady at the Ion store counter told me probably takes about 6 months to wear out. So well worth the S$30 I paid for this curler.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Do you think it's still selling for S$30?

Kerancia said...

Hi there. I bought mine recently for S$30 from Shu-uemura at Ion Orchard. The Malaysian Shu-uemura website shows it selling for RM65(see and the US website says US$20. But no price on the Singapore Shu-uemura website... Hopefully should still be the same. Kerancia :)

Kerancia said...

Just an update ladies - It's S$32 now. Gone up slightly, but still worth it for lovely lashes! :))