Thursday, 29 December 2011

Countdown 2012 - Bring it ON !!!

Ok little excited to rush into 2012, may forget to ... count do it now lah
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Sepuluh, Sembilan, Lepan, tujuh, Enam, lima, empat, tiga, dua, satu
HAPPY NEW YEAR 新年快樂 Selamat tahun baru 2012 खुश नया साल 2012 புத்தாண்டு 2012 새해 복 많이 받으세요 2012 ハッピーニューイヤー2012

Many ways to say it, lets be more accepting and giving in 2012, Happy new year Singapore for a more inspirational YEAR !!!

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Another Year, another age, another number, another tear, another joy..

Lessons I've learnt about myself this year. Coming to the close of 2011, it is often a time for one to reflect on the past year - the good and bad, and draw on the lessons we have learnt in order to step into 2012 as a stronger person. Let me share mine with you...

1. Appreciate your loved ones - make them number 1
In our busy lives, sometimes family and friends take second place unfortunately. We are all so caught up in our "to do" lists and the pressure of society.... Got to finish this work assignment, send this email, check facebook account, make money, that we forget to treasure those close to us. 

Be appreciative of life and those around you. Let your loved ones know how much they mean to you. Don't leave it to late, or until something happens for you to see the love and support these people have given to you over the years. The love and support that only family can, without asking anything of you in return.

Stop for a moment this New Years Eve and breathe.

Appreciate life. Make your loved ones number 1 in your life.

2. Learn to Prioritise
There will always be that work to finish off, that email to send, that thing you had to do for a friend. Do you find yourself saying "If only I had X (insert - say more money) I can be happy.

Learn to prioritise your life and you will feel less stressed. Declutter your life, get rid of things off your list that are not that important to you. One less thing to do, means you can focus on whats really important to achieving your goals in 2012, like for example - running a marathon or writing a book.  

3. Look after yourself & have some "me" time
A stressed and unhappy self does NOT make a good friend, boy/girlfriend, brother/sister, wife/husband. Look after yourself, eat well, exercise and de-stress. Having some time to yourself away from the pressures and expectations of society helps.

Try it for yourself. Allow yourself an hour every week "me time" with yourself, to do what it is you enjoy doing. You will feel more refreshed, and ready to take on the world!

What have you learnt about yourself this year? Email me or make a comment!

Happy New Year! Cheers to a rocking 2012!!

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Tick Tocky, Are you ready to go pawning?

Nice advertorial, What message does it exhibit in promoting does one renounce everything from your ex-lover, drop excess baggage at the check-in counter at the airport. Time is love which are your fondest moments in a capsule and cannot be stopped or by hitting the rewind button. The hand will continue to raise forward as your relationship deepens but how does
time is love
time heals
or simply a clinging memory of watch
or an obssesed guy keeping things

Time is suppose to heal all wounds but raises how much time? All i probably understand is time will heal with maybe the purchase of this watch either way this will allow one to ponder and review solvil titus.

Share your Events !! Sharing is Carings.

Have an event you be at for NYE 2012 been planned? Let us here about it

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a Christmas filled with magical moments!

Kerancia xoxo

Kerancia is listening to...

Listening to "All I want for Christmas"......  (An oldie, but a goodie!)
Okay, come on don't judge me - its good for the soul and Christmas. One day a year I promise!

Try it for yourself :) What are you listening to?

Friday, 23 December 2011

Have you Pen your Wish ...?

I wish
World Peace
It can't be bad to have it, like having trees :)

I wish
you like my blog & post comments! :)))))))))

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Is Char Keoy Teow dead?

Let us first highlight recipe of Char Koay Teow -

Reviewing the recipe it would allow all to be able to cook a Char Keoy Teow at home but when one needs to have a night out with thier taste buds to get the feel of crack, snap and pop, yeah you heard it before somewhere right. 

As i move from hawker centre starting at the roots in search of essence of char keoy teow, i find the flavors eludes us as almost like seeking 4D numbers winning ticket. Char Keoy Teow are you RIP? As i taste each char keoy teow dish i feel like a judge to a beauty contest pageant with all those aspects being scored for presentation, poise, elegance of the dish. The final scoring panel being my stomach, keke... ;-)

Why the heartache and stomach juices getting into spin cyle? As SG move towards more modernised food courts with air conditioning and piles of hawker centre owners slowly retiring with no skills transfer to suitable candidates to continue this art. As the government has acknowledge the skill and flavors is being lost. A program has been put in placed by government to educate certain grass roots foods we have been accustomed too.  Will it be enough, Can it bring back those memories of Char Keoy Teow heaven?

As to those who have tasted a good char keoy teow, you will relate to how this is such a important issue with the flavors almost providing those warmly gathering and conversations with a nice tea to marry the food dish.

Have you got a great char keoy teow place to share, do you feel the crisis of char keoy teow occuring? Char Keoy Teow first what next...

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Discover a Swarovski Xmas Tree, QVB Building - Sydney Australia

Tree from a distance, can see the tree base
 In keeping with my xmas tree theme, here is a look of what its like in Sydney, Australia at the gorgeous Queen Victoria Building (QVB). A historic bulding that has been beautifully restored and houses internaional fashion stores and chic cafes.

A 24 metre high xmas tree, glittering with beautiful sparkling 144,000 Swarovski crystals and 60,000 lights. Truly a magnificent sight. It stands a full 3 levels of the building, right in the middle of the bulding. So couldn't get a full picture.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Xmas tree close up - this is base of tree. Gorgeous

QVB Clock

Close up of tree

Kerancia's Profile on

Ping me lah!! kerancia's Profile on 

Thank you Takashimaya!

Received an early xmas present - Its going under my tree right now...

Bless the taka elves for doing such a wonderful job with the wrapping!

Monday, 19 December 2011

Xmas shopping are you done yet?

Finding it hard to find something for that special someone who has everything? Here are my suggestions that your friends and family will love...

For the girly girl - unique statement jewellery pieces can be found at Mimco.
Mimco Ion Orchard
Heart the statement necklace piece & bracelets

For the adventure seeker - iFly Singapore skydiving simulator, as if you were jumping out of a plane. Disclaimer: Not for the faint hearted!

For the romantic - make her heart flutter with a gift from Tiffany & Co. They have brought out a festive range such as gingerbread and mittens charms. Too sweet......

For the guy in your life... Abercrombie & Fitch. He'll look jin cool in a A&F t-shirt and hoodie. Ahh......

TWG Macaroons yum yum

For the foodie and tea lover - TWG tea.


For that person who really really needs help being organised - a GRID IT!

Grid It
This is my grid it, completely full of essentials. Comes in different sizes and fits heaps and heaps of stuff, all of it safely secured by the patented material which keeps everything in place. So I always know where my lip balm is... :) 

Available from Takashimaya and NBC stationery.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Orchard lights up!

Award winning Christmas lights on Orchard Road, Singapore. They say a picture tells a thousand words, but not in this case. You have to experience the Orchard xmas lights in person and you’ll feel instantly chrissmassy. It’ll turn any Christmas grouch into ho ho ho J

A sea of blue lights cascades down the whole of Orchard Road to really light up the city. Spectacular.

Christmas in the tropics, this is what it’s all about… Go on, have a night out!

Xmas Lights on Orchard Road, Singapore

Christmas @ Ion Orchard

Merry Christmas @ Ion Orchard!

I heart Christmas. Loving all the decorations in Singapore :) 

Ion on Orchard is one of my favourite shopping hangouts in Singapore, with its mix of high end fashion stores and popular mainstream stores such as Forever 21 and Zara. This Christmas, xmas decorations don't disappoint. Loving the snow man decorations, gold christmas tree and elephants outside the main entrance.

Really such unique artist designs on the Elephant statues outsides, in support of the conservation of Asian Elephants. Tangs are also supporting the Elephant cause and you can pick up a minature one of a kind elephant at tangs store.

Ion Orchard lights up at night

Ion's Gold xmas tree

Close up of xmas decoration
Reindeer globe outside Ion
Ion's snowmen

Conservation of Asian Elephants cause

Ion christmas tree - daytime

Marina Bay Countdown 2012 - What do I wish... hmmm's

As we approach close of 2011 we often reflect on what we have achieve in the past year does one begin a Dear Santa .... letter, no matter outcomes good or bad, 2011 will soon be another memory in our lives.

Let's look to 2012 to deliver a positive outcome beginning a new fresh journey, As long as we are willing to make the journey we will get there and if we shall fall hit bumps along the way, knowing the community friends and family will be there to help us get up to be on our way again.

Pen your I wish...

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Have yourself a Marina Bay Sands Christmas...

Because I love love all the preettty xmas trees in Singapore at the moment, let me share more pictures with you :)

Hopefully these will inspire and get you in a Jingle Bell mood! ho ho ho

I must confess - I still heart the ones on Orchard a little more...

Marina Bay Sands xmas tree

Elton John was here @ Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands - view from outside, long row of xmas trees!

xmas tree outside Marina

xmas tree outside Marina

Orchard Road Xmas Trees!

I love going to Orchard at xmas time, its so magical with all the lights and pretty xmas trees! I heart the Tiffany & Co tree :) Santa please bring ME one!

From Ion's gold xmas tree with viewing platform, to takashimaya swarovski's tree, I'm in xmas tree heaven~!

Which is your favourite?

Ion Xmas Tree - viewing platform at top

Takashimaya Swarovski tree

Takashimaya teddy bear tree
Tiffany & co tree

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Abercrombie & Fitch Opening

Did ANYBODY go?, lip lai, mmm yumm those chiselled washing boards? 425 people at opening? Drools....

Yay finally an A&F store in Singapore!!!!! Love this brand. I don't have to travel to get A&F stuff anymore... You have to check this store out on Orchard :) I'll see you there!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Yeh Yeh 42Km I walked 41 Km

Standard chartered marathon recently held in SG. How does one approach training?

As an observer of this years’ run themed "Run for a reason" "cheer for a reason", I ponder if those words alone will carry me in obtaining T-shirt Finisher 42.195Km or will "Eye of the Tiger" be enough reason to make it to the end.

This has inspired me to rise up to the challenge and get NYE 2012 resolution started in overdrive with a few less KFC, Teppanyakie, Pizza outings, nandos and char keoy teow turning me into a elite running machine, ok with that on stage 1, next stage the hard "Yakka" a Ozzie slang meaning hardwork with sweat and tears of some leg work running, those sweat and tears coming out as I prepare for the journey allowing my body to adjust to that kind of distance can only be seen as my body crying till next November.

Do i have the gas to keep NYE 2012 resolution burning with same ferociousness from the beginning remains to be seen as every journey does begin with a small step but 42kms's how many small steps will that equate to?  Will one feel accomplished when i reach finisher line 42.195km?, I think maybe so, as i see supporters holding out a hand placard " You can do it" at this year's run. Cheering in unity for all strangers coming across.  Let me answer those little voices when i get to finisher line in 2012.

It certainly gets my positive energy going into 2012 as i set this to be my NYE resolution even though i have never done a marathon and would never think of doing one, but this year's standard chartered theme has lit the "eye of the tiger" within.

What is your NYE's resolution for 2012 ? Ready for the run into 2012...?

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Sarpinos Express Bugis Junction SG - Pizza anyone?

Double Pepperoni

Bugis Junction, Basement 1 - Singapore

What Sarpinos website says: Pizzas are made from authentic ingredients, cheeses made from 100% mozzarella and edam cheese, fresh packed sauces using only vine-ripened tomatoes & a proprietary mix of savory Italian spices, & a choice of high-quality meats (no artificial fillers) & a variety of garden fresh vegetable toppings. Dough is hand kneaded each day in Italian tradition in every location.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Pancakes Discovery, Pancakes on the Rocks - Sydney

Pancakes on the Rocks on Urbanspoon

Pancakes on the Rocks
Locations: The Rocks, Darling Harbour, Northmead, Campbelltown, North Strathfield.
This visit at: Darling Harbour, Sydney: 227 & 229-230 Harbourside Shopping Centre.

Planning a party with the kids, or just love pancakes, then this is the place for you. Pancakes on the Rocks, has sort of become a Sydney icon, way back when the first store opened in Sydney in 1975 at the Rocks. They must be doing something right if they've been around for so long and Sydney siders can't seem to get enough of their pancakes.

Book if you are taking a big group and get there early on weekends or else you will be in a queue.

Service is quick and very prompt, the decor is nothing to rave about but still nice and cosy.

On the menu is also other selections of foods choices, chips, burgers, fries, pizza, kids meals and dessert can be finished with some pancakes. Or you can pancakes for the main meal breakfast, lunch or dinner. Savoury and dessert pancakes to choose from.

Is it tastiees?... Yes very much so, leaving you wanting another serving. Kids and big kids (adults) will thoroughly enjoy the pancakes.

Served was HOT ‘N’ TROPPO chocolate and BANANARAMA bannana split pancakes. Pancakes serving size was thick with 2 pieces.

Could be overindulging for one, possibly could be shared with another friend. One scoop of ice cream could be increased as it's just insufficient to finish the pancakes with not enough icecream to go around.

Worth another visit, YES with the surrounding of Darling Harbour to complement a day out.

Hot 'n' Troppo $11.95
Buttermilk pancakes with grilled banana, walnuts, cream, chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Bananarama $10.95
Buttermilk pancakes with grilled banana and butterscotch sauce, topped with cream and vanilla ice cream.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Inventions in Kerancia's world...

Camera - Don't want to miss a moment!
Remote control - hours spent watching
Korean movies

Chanel bag

Grid It. Organises all my essentials.
Available from Takashimaya

Taxi lah?