Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Is Char Keoy Teow dead?

Let us first highlight recipe of Char Koay Teow -

Reviewing the recipe it would allow all to be able to cook a Char Keoy Teow at home but when one needs to have a night out with thier taste buds to get the feel of crack, snap and pop, yeah you heard it before somewhere right. 

As i move from hawker centre starting at the roots in search of essence of char keoy teow, i find the flavors eludes us as almost like seeking 4D numbers winning ticket. Char Keoy Teow are you RIP? As i taste each char keoy teow dish i feel like a judge to a beauty contest pageant with all those aspects being scored for presentation, poise, elegance of the dish. The final scoring panel being my stomach, keke... ;-)

Why the heartache and stomach juices getting into spin cyle? As SG move towards more modernised food courts with air conditioning and piles of hawker centre owners slowly retiring with no skills transfer to suitable candidates to continue this art. As the government has acknowledge the skill and flavors is being lost. A program has been put in placed by government to educate certain grass roots foods we have been accustomed too.  Will it be enough, Can it bring back those memories of Char Keoy Teow heaven?

As to those who have tasted a good char keoy teow, you will relate to how this is such a important issue with the flavors almost providing those warmly gathering and conversations with a nice tea to marry the food dish.

Have you got a great char keoy teow place to share, do you feel the crisis of char keoy teow occuring? Char Keoy Teow first what next...

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