Saturday, 4 February 2012

Excellent Chinese Seafood Restaurant, Sydney

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Carlingford Court, 101 Carlingford Rd, Epping Sydney

One of the better and more popular Chinese restaurants in Sydney's North West. Located in Carlingford Court Shopping Centre, Sydney - this restaurant has been around for years. Popular for its yum cha and Cantonese dishes, this is go-to place for many families wanting to celebrate an occasion or just have dinner out with home-style dishes :)

Famous for its crab vermicelli hotpot dish, many flock here, just for this dish - keen also for relatives from overseas to try this dish, which many say no one other place has such a unique crab and vermicelli dish. Crab is juicy, super tender.

One crab should be sufficient for 4 people, suggest 2 crabs for more people. The vermicelli is simply delicious, melts in your mouth and compliments the crab nicely. Be warned, the crab can be pricey - set aside approximately $100 for 1 crab dish.

The consistency of the food can be a hit and miss but the crab always seems to be so good! Apologies, but I was too excited to eat this dish, that I forgot to take a photo.

However here are some other dishes:

Salt & Pepper King Prawns


Tofu hotpot with prawns, bbq pork, vegetables

Dessert of red bean soup and cut fruit (oranges) is included in the price of the meal. The restaurant is situated on 2 levels, most diners sit on the upper level, only accessible via a steep staircase.  

Enjoyable meal, however can be pricey - will be back here for the crab :)


Simon Leong said...

that's so funny it's called 'Excellent Chinese Seafood'. if i didn't know better i'd be worried about any restaurant that says 'Excellent'. a bit like a thai restaurant say Best Thai. i'm always dubious. i'm glad it's better than it sounds.

Kerancia said...

That is so true Simon! Who comes up with these restaurant names? Speaking of, I just saw a store named "Best Taste Dim Sim" today :) Hopefully names can be deceiving I guess...