Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Sweetness the Patisserie - SWEET Mallows

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38 Oxford Street, Epping 2121, Sydney

Sweetness the Patisserie is a quaint little patisserie in Epping, the Northern part of Sydney. This part of Sydney is in need of good patisseries such as these. Their signature indulgence is Sweet Mallows - fresh & luscious handmade marshmallows. Its available in lots of different flavours, not like the pink & white marsmallows you find at the supermarkets.

I have a sweet tooth and love my marshmallows. These are great as they are gluten,nut,egg,dairy free and available in various sizes: small 2 marshmallow packs ($2.50 per pack), 165 gram bags $8, 385gram bags $16 (all comes in a cute little carry bag! - except for the 2 pack).

This visit, I got a big bag of mixed sweet mini mallow flavours $8 as I haven't really worked out which flavour is my favourite yet. Will be back to try their gorgeous looking cakes and desserts!

Pros: Makes for great gifts, to have over tea & coffee with the girls, or just because you feel like a sweet treat! They have cute little mini sizes of marshmallows which I find adorable as a gift for your sweet tooth BFF, or for the foodie - perhaps get them in regular size.

Cons: Some flavours can be a little sour, as I'm assuming the flavours are sourced from real fruits so can vary depending on whether these fruits are in season. Such as I found the Passionfruit marshmallow to be sour this time. My recommendation is to stick with flavours you know are generally sweet!! Strawberry :)

Mixed Bag of Sweet Mini Mallows $8 - super cute & yum!

Available in heaps of flavours (Strawberry, Raspberry, Jaffa, Blueberry, Maple & Lime, Chocolate, Toasted Coconut, Black Currant & Vanilla Swirl, Mocha, Creamy Orange, Rose Water, Passionfruit, Guava, Lime, Espresso, Sour Cherry, Lime & Cocont Swirl, Lemon, Mango, Brown Sugar & Cinnamon, Lavender, Strawberries & Creme, Vanilla Bean, Lychee Rose, Raspberry & Passionfruit Swirl, Aniseed).

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