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Glass Brasserie - Sydney Festival

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Glass Brasserie
Level 2, 488 George Street, Sydney

I've been wanting to try celebrity chef Luke Mangan's Glass Brassiere for ages. Its located in the luxury 5 Star Hilton Hotel, right in the heart of the Sydney City - opposite the Queen Victoria Building.
Glass Brassiere is a one hat fine dining restaurant, with its interiors designed by New York designer Tony Chi (an impressive wall of wine design indeed!)

As part of the Sydney Festival (7 to 29 January 2012), Glass Brassiere was offering a $30 main course meal (lunch or dinner) which included a glass of McGuigan "The Shortlist" Wine or a bottle of Coopers beer or a bottle of Tasmanian Rain water (still or sparkling). A great opportunity to check out this place, as their mains are normally priced $40 to $50.

Main course was vanilla and celery poached salmon, fennel puree, pickled celery and white asparagus salad. And I choose to have a bottle of Tasmanian Rain sparkling water with it.

We were told at the start that the meal does not come with any sides or bread, and the salad is small - so suggested we order a side. This gave the girls and I the green light to try the Parmesan & Truffle French Fries! We just couldn't resist... I mean its not like you can have Parmesan & Truffle French Fries to go everyday... so why not?

From the moment you step into the restaurant, its airy and light - the 13 metre high ceilings and wine wall provide a wonder atmosphere and visual imagery. Seating is private so even when its busy you don't notice the crowd, and can quite comfortably carry on a private conversation.

Tasmanian Rain water is like the purest water I have ever drank. Tasty and very refreshing. Must have something to do with the fact that the rain water is collected without ever touching the ground - the air travels over Antarctica, and thousands of miles of the ocean, eventually reaching the most western part of Tasmania, called "The Edge of the World". Its the Ferrari of water.

Pros: Service staff friendly and attentive. Salmon was cooked to perfection - tender and flavorsome. Parmesan & Truffle French Fries simply delicious and remained crisp throughout the entire meal. Parmesan gave it a nice sharp flavour balanced out by the Truffle oil. Must try!

Cons: Serving size small. Salad small. No sides, not even bread, which I find a little stingy as alot of other places like Becasse and Jamie Oliver's Italian, provide complimentary bread. (I acknowledge that the friendly staff did warn us at the start).

Vanilla and celery poached salmon, fennel puree, pickled celery and white asparagus salad
$30, includes a bottle of Tasmanian Rain water

Parmesan & Truffle French Fries $13

Interior, impressive wine wall. High ceilings

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