Thursday, 8 December 2011

Yeh Yeh 42Km I walked 41 Km

Standard chartered marathon recently held in SG. How does one approach training?

As an observer of this years’ run themed "Run for a reason" "cheer for a reason", I ponder if those words alone will carry me in obtaining T-shirt Finisher 42.195Km or will "Eye of the Tiger" be enough reason to make it to the end.

This has inspired me to rise up to the challenge and get NYE 2012 resolution started in overdrive with a few less KFC, Teppanyakie, Pizza outings, nandos and char keoy teow turning me into a elite running machine, ok with that on stage 1, next stage the hard "Yakka" a Ozzie slang meaning hardwork with sweat and tears of some leg work running, those sweat and tears coming out as I prepare for the journey allowing my body to adjust to that kind of distance can only be seen as my body crying till next November.

Do i have the gas to keep NYE 2012 resolution burning with same ferociousness from the beginning remains to be seen as every journey does begin with a small step but 42kms's how many small steps will that equate to?  Will one feel accomplished when i reach finisher line 42.195km?, I think maybe so, as i see supporters holding out a hand placard " You can do it" at this year's run. Cheering in unity for all strangers coming across.  Let me answer those little voices when i get to finisher line in 2012.

It certainly gets my positive energy going into 2012 as i set this to be my NYE resolution even though i have never done a marathon and would never think of doing one, but this year's standard chartered theme has lit the "eye of the tiger" within.

What is your NYE's resolution for 2012 ? Ready for the run into 2012...?

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