Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Sarpinos Express Bugis Junction SG - Pizza anyone?

Double Pepperoni

Bugis Junction, Basement 1 - Singapore

What Sarpinos website says: Pizzas are made from authentic ingredients, cheeses made from 100% mozzarella and edam cheese, fresh packed sauces using only vine-ripened tomatoes & a proprietary mix of savory Italian spices, & a choice of high-quality meats (no artificial fillers) & a variety of garden fresh vegetable toppings. Dough is hand kneaded each day in Italian tradition in every location.


Pros - My first taste of the double pepperoni was simply heaven. Delicious, flavoursome and crisp pepperoni. At $4 a slice for pepperoni its worth trying for quick easy meal, takeaway only. Plenty of other pizza flavours to try. House Special $4.50, Seafood $4.50, Vegetarian, Chicken.

Cons - Gets busy, so get in fast or you may have to wait for them to prepare new pizza. Double pepperoni is popular. Limited seating at Bugis Junction. Grab takeaway and go outside to eat.

Double Pepperoni

House Special $4.50

Takeaway box

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