Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Another Year, another age, another number, another tear, another joy..

Lessons I've learnt about myself this year. Coming to the close of 2011, it is often a time for one to reflect on the past year - the good and bad, and draw on the lessons we have learnt in order to step into 2012 as a stronger person. Let me share mine with you...

1. Appreciate your loved ones - make them number 1
In our busy lives, sometimes family and friends take second place unfortunately. We are all so caught up in our "to do" lists and the pressure of society.... Got to finish this work assignment, send this email, check facebook account, make money, that we forget to treasure those close to us. 

Be appreciative of life and those around you. Let your loved ones know how much they mean to you. Don't leave it to late, or until something happens for you to see the love and support these people have given to you over the years. The love and support that only family can, without asking anything of you in return.

Stop for a moment this New Years Eve and breathe.

Appreciate life. Make your loved ones number 1 in your life.

2. Learn to Prioritise
There will always be that work to finish off, that email to send, that thing you had to do for a friend. Do you find yourself saying "If only I had X (insert - say more money) I can be happy.

Learn to prioritise your life and you will feel less stressed. Declutter your life, get rid of things off your list that are not that important to you. One less thing to do, means you can focus on whats really important to achieving your goals in 2012, like for example - running a marathon or writing a book.  

3. Look after yourself & have some "me" time
A stressed and unhappy self does NOT make a good friend, boy/girlfriend, brother/sister, wife/husband. Look after yourself, eat well, exercise and de-stress. Having some time to yourself away from the pressures and expectations of society helps.

Try it for yourself. Allow yourself an hour every week "me time" with yourself, to do what it is you enjoy doing. You will feel more refreshed, and ready to take on the world!

What have you learnt about yourself this year? Email me or make a comment!

Happy New Year! Cheers to a rocking 2012!!

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