Friday, 13 September 2013

Jamie Oliver's 3 in 1 box - Grow your own herbs kit

Growing your own herbs is a great spring idea. Inspired to grow my own herbs this spring to use in the kitchen, I stumbled across Jamie Oliver's herb 3 in 1 box growing kit whilst out shopping.

Brilliant. Its got all things I need to get started for a beginner gardener like me. 

What it comes with: 
3 packets of seeds - Basil, Chives and Flat Parsley.
3 pots (bio degradable). 
3 soil discs (comes dry but once you water it fills the pot with soil)
Simple instructions, very easy to follow.

Step 1:

Assemble the pots and water the dried soil discs until they fill the pot three quarters full

Step 2: 

Scatter your seedlings into the soil 

Step 3:

Cover the seeds with soil, and water gently.

Leave it to grow in a warm but shaded spot. Water occasionally and in about 2 weeks, you should start to notice some growth! 

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