Sunday, 22 April 2012

Nan Tien Temple Water Drop Tea House, Wollongong

180 Berkeley Road, Berkeley, Sydney NSW 2506

A day trip to Wollongong finds me in Nan Tien Buddhist Temple. Hungry after a 2 hour drive from Sydney, I was eager to try some vegetarian delights in the Temple's Tea House called Water Drop. Set in a tranquil and attractive setting with a wide variety of exotic teas, coffees as well as an a la carte lunch menu.

Surrounded by Buddhist artifacts and views of the Temple gardens, I felt immediately relaxed and ready to find my inner peace. But first, a snack was needed! Everything is 100% vegetarian, but such skill is used to cook Tofu and make it look like pork. It tastes great, and is light and healthy. Portion sizes are small. If you are feeling a little more adventurous and would like to sample more vegetarian dishes, there is also a Dining Hall on level 3 of the main temple.

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Inside the tea house
View outside the tea house

Cha Shou Noodle $12 (its 100%  Vegetarian, but made to look like BBQ Pork)

Mince Noodle $12

Steam Dumplings 5 for $8.50

Spring rolls 4 for $8

Food menu

Tea and drink menu

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