Saturday, 29 September 2012

Aussie Breakfast - Bacon & Egg roll

$5.00 Bacon & Egg roll. Picture shows only half of it. It's the real deal!

One of my favourite breakfast meals that I've been having recently is the bacon & egg roll. A common Australian breakfast. Completely satisfying.

And if done well, it's utterly delightful and really makes my day. What makes a good bacon & egg roll. For me, its crisp bacon, well cooked egg, and toasted crisp bread. Great with a warm cup of coffee.

Bacon. Eggs. Bread. You think it would be easy enough to find the perfect one done well. Prices, and quality can vary across Sydney.

In my search for the ultimate bacon & egg roll, I found this great little coffee shop called L'Atrio in World Square. At $5.00 for a bacon & egg roll, it is by far the best deal and it tastes great. For those who prefer a coffee too, its $6.50 for the lot. And yes it's all of the above. Crispy bacon. well cooked. crisp turkish bread.

L'Atrio on Urbanspoon

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