Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Zilver Yum Cha

Level G, 477 Pitt street
Sydney Central Building, Haymarket Sydney

I'm in Chinatown today, so a stop off to yum cha beckons at Zilver. It's owned by the same people of the "Eight" restaurant just down the road in Market City.

Here we go....

Meat filled fried balls and Egg Tarts!

Century Egg Porridge - so yum!

My favourite - fried bean curd spring rolls - very crispy!!

Rice Flour Roll

Overall, Zilver's yum cha is up there, in my opinion as one of the top yum cha's in Chinatown. Service is friendly, the place is clean, and the food is delicious. I really enjoyed all the dishes, but my favourite was the deep fried bean curd spring rolls! Not as salty as other places, and I didn't get a headache feeling afterwards which I usually do if there's msg in the food.  

I've always wondered how come yum cha places in general don't colour code yum cha dishes with the price, like they do in Sushi Train? What are your thoughts?

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