Saturday, 16 June 2012

Sushi Etiquette

Need a quick crase course in Japanese dining? I certainly do. Sushi Etiquette. Oops, I must admit I am guilty of doing some of the "Don'ts" when I eat Japanese cuisine. You might be surprised to learn what is considered proper and impolite.

  1. Feel free to alternate between chopsticks and fingers. Believe it or not, both are completely acceptable!
  2. Dip the fish into the soy sauce (not the rice side).
  3. Eat each piece of sushi in one mouthful. And please—chew with your mouth closed, of course.
  4. Signal to your waiter that you’re finished eating by resting your chopsticks across your soy sauce dish.
  5. Use the blunt, wide end of your chopsticks when serving yourself from a shared plate. (Who knew?!)
  • Rub your chopsticks together to sand down any splinters. It implies that the chopsticks are of low quality and is considered rude.
  • Dip the rice side of your sushi into the soy sauce (remember, just the fish).
  • Use the pickled ginger as a garnish for your sushi; it is meant to clear your palate in between bites! And I hear it’s good for digestion…
  • Dump wasabi into your soy sauce; wasabi should be put directly on your sushi. 
  • Bite your sushi in half and put it back on the plate.
  • Give the sushi chef a tip. Traditionally sushi chefs never handle money directly (and thank goodness because money is dirty).
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