Sunday, 15 July 2012

Why your burger doesn't like the ad!

Ever wondered why the burgers in the McDonald's ads and posters look so much better than they do in real life? I always do...... I get disappointed when I order a Big Mac and it looks half the size and nothing like the ad. Find out why...

Well problem solved! Finally it's been revealed why in this video by McDonalds.  

Here are six reasons why the burger you are served is almost unrecognisable to the one on the poster: 
  1. Ketchup, mustard and condiments are applied with surgical precision via a syringe to the edge of the burger.
  2. The cheese is gently melted using a blowtorch and heated palette knife to achieve perfect "melted-ness".
  3. Ingredients such as pickles and onions are moved to the front of the burger, to avoid being concealed in the middle.
  4. The bun is smaller than appears in the ad as it contracts due to "steam in the box".
  5. Small inconsistencies such as stray sesame seeds, blemished and crumbs are photo-shopped to perfection.
  6. A normal burger is made in one minute, the photo-styled burger takes hours.

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